ADFAT Company Limited (ACL) is a 100% owned Ghanaian Company licensed by the Minerals Commission of Ghana to undertake purchase of gold for export as well as engage in small scale mining of gold, among others.


ADFAT specializes in refining precious metals, in both primary and secondary origins. This helps to purify the metal so that it can be used in a variety of other applications. Our industrial plant is capable of handling large amounts to provide a higher quality metal.


At ADFAT, we offer smelting services that help to bring the base metal out of the ore. This form of metallurgy is available for sizes from 1 kilo bars to 12.5 kilo bars. We are also able to smelt for jewelry as well as gold coins.


We have a number of partnerships with small scale miners. This allows us to negotiate with the miners in order to be able to buy raw gold to use for our refining processes. Our skills and experience allows us to negotiate gold dust and other items at affordable rates.


Assaying is the process where the quality of a metal or ore is determined and at ADFAT, we have independent services within our office to ensure clients are able to learn of the gold composition prior to the purchase and/or sale of the gold or other metal.


We are in the market of being able to sell rich precious metals, including gold, silver, and other minerals to registered buyers. This includes those within the jewelry industry and many others.


At ADFAT, we are licensed to export precious minerals and metals outside of Ghana. We look at the need and are able to export to all parts of the globe.